Sunday, March 17, 2013

few copies of Hell : Demo tape is on Legion Of Death Records.

For those who missed to obtain the demo tape, u can sure get it now from Legion Of Death Records (France) now !!! Go Now !! Only few copies available !!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Official shirt now available.

BLASPHMACHINE Official shirt available now from Dead Merch or contact us directly to obtain one. available in silver on black and black on heather grey. Rm35 (Malaysia) Usd18 (Worldwide) postage included.
paypal accepted.

expect printing and shipment delays.

Legion Of Death Records will distribute demo tape soon.

just fyi, for those who miss to obtain Blasphmachine's debut demo tape, Legion of Death / Armée de la Mort Records (France) will distribute this demo soon. only few copies available. will review the date of availability soon.
btw, for those in malaysia, u can gain Blasphmachine, debut Hell : Demo in CD-R through Flying Axe Productions. please contact Hery Skullokos (fb) to do so.
just some broke and poor band to do some hellish music. ave !!!

Flying Axe Productions re-issuing the Hell : Demo on CD-R

as u all know that the demo tape has already sold out. so now, Flying Axe productions has release it on CD-R. please contact Hery Skullokos to order. bless the fall !!!!